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BiTree Trading Competition

2019-07-01 15:21:55

Join BiTree Trading Competition and get up to 1.5 ETH worth of TICO

Competition period: 2019/07/01 0:00 AM to 2019/08/01 0:00 AM (UTC)+4.

To qualify, users can only buy from the sell wall at 50 sats or at 0.000018 eth at the minimum purchase of 30,000 TICO

Bitree exchange has the right to disqualify trades which are deemed unfair or display attributes of market manipulation.

Event will be active for 1 month, all rewards will be credited in respect to your total buy history at the above price by Bitree exchange after the end of the event.

Top 1 to 5 buyers, will only be picked from buyers who buy above 300,000 TICO (total direct purchase only, 20% bonus not included) will get their respected reward at the end of the event.

Reward Pool
First. +TICO worth 1.5ETH
Second. +TICO worth 1ETH
Third. +TICO worth 0.75ETH
Fourth. +TICO worth 0. 5ETH
Fifth. +TICO worth 0.25ETH

Meanwhile, all other participants will also get a Bonus shared of 20% of the total reward pool